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At NCAWAG, we believe in providing excellent clinical care.  Unfortunately, third party payer policies direct care in order to reduce their costs, and restrict the care you receive.  Self-pay services allow for the individualization and time needed for quality care.  Many individuals with health insurance have what is called "out of network mental health benefits," and we will happily provide superbills for your paperwork for you to file for these benefits.   

Please read all before completing the contact form below.  We are not currently accepting psychotherapy clients.  We cannot answer inquiries asking for referrals for therapy or other kinds of services as we do not have office staff.  We can provide such information as part of a consultation.  We do not currently provide social groups, vocational support, staff training, "ABA," or anything else except:   

We are currently accepting referrals for outdoor wellness/mentoring, autism consultation and autism evaluations only, from 12 months of age through late adulthood.  

Our consultations are $250 for 60 minutes and include follow up recommendations. 

Our autism evaluations are comprehensive, also assessing commonly associated conditions (ADHD, LD, OCD, trauma, etc).  They typically include interviews, questionnaires, testing, a results meeting, and a report. These evaluations range from approximately $1850 to $3300 depending on complexity of needs (e.g. higher if ADHD, IQ or academic testing is needed).  Evaluation costs may vary some across providers. 

In person testing is only provided on Mondays and in rare cases on a Wednesday morning.  Cancellations are very hard to reschedule and may delay the evaluation substantially. 

Below is the general process and cost.  Please decide if this process works for you before asking to be placed on our waitlist.  Our waitlist is typically 3–6-months, but cancellations are common.  There is a $250 deposit for evaluations, half of which is refundable should you cancel one week or more ahead of time. 

Please know that we are “out of network” for insurance companies.  

Should these general policies work for you, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours. 

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Contact us:

Phone:  919-283-1942 (no fax)

Mailing address:  5836 Fayetteville Road, Suite 202, Durham NC 27713  

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