***We have a short waitlist for evaluations and adolecent/adult therapy!!!  Please see our contact page for more information!


Dr. Welterlin and her colleagues at NCAWAG are pleased to provide outstanding neurodiverse affirming care to autistic women, girls and *gender diverse individuals.

Unfortunately, many autistic women live unsupported and undiagnosed.  Better access to information and advocacy is leading to rapid and accurate self identification.  Yet few options exist for help from professionals who understand the nuances of autistic women and girls*, especially highly masked ones.  Many individuals never receive a correct diagnosis.  They are chronically misdiagnosed, misunderstood and suffer from cycles of autistic meltdowns, shut down and burn out. 

We are here to help!  At NCAWAG, we specialize in:

   accurate diagnostic evaluations ·     

affirming therapy for all ages·     

informative consultation

Our work is driven by a deep respect for inclusion and neurodiversity.  We treat our clients as equal partners and equal citizens.  We do not deny services, or a diagnosis due to the following reasons:

·      having neurotypical traits that aren’t “traditionally” autistic such as eye  contact, a strong desire to   

    socialize, etc.

·      having been told by other professionals that you do not have autism

·      having been told, by nearly everyone, that you “don’t have autism” because “you are too XYZ (insert 

    neurotypical trait here)”

·      based on previous testing results

·      not having information about your early developmental history

·      identifying as LGBTQIA+

·      identifying as male (we specialize in gender diverse individuals but also see men and boys)

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?  

~ Dr. Seuss